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Not only will this quick read loaded with value give you an introduction to me and what I teach, you will be able to put the valuable takeaways into action right away. Much of what I teach busts the myths and herd mentality of how people are marketing and what they believe works. Everyone is doing what everyone else is doing, because that’s what everyone else is doing. So it must be the right thing to do, right? WRONG!

Learn from the strategies I developed to get extraordinary results over the last ten years in building my founding brand’s following, engagement, positioning and in driving traffic. You may not need over one million followers or to reach millions more each month, but what I teach comes from those strategies that helped me reach each milestone along the way, starting with ZERO. And all without EVER paying for advertising or boosting posts. What I teach can work for any brand in any industry.

So please get on my list to receive the PDF of the newest edition of my book, as well as more tips and updates in the world of digital marketing that work! I won’t send you an avalanche of emails, I promise. If you like what you learn from the book and other info I send out, check out what I have to offer on the Learning Opportunities page of this site.

Happy Marketing!

  • 01 Series Introduction is exactly that. It’s also a way to get to know me and my background, and what qualifies me as your best source to quickly and easily learn strategies that work.

  • 02 Step 1 in Getting Results basically breaks down the truth between what matters and what doesn’t. There are A LOT of misnomers out there led by hear mentality, I set it straight.

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